Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Going to be writing my own proagraming for a while. Nick got bogged down with school and because the only thing I am doing is coding the site I thought I would step it up.

For my convenience the programming will reflect what I do in training, not only because I think it works over broad time and modal domains, but it is fun too.

Training follows this formula

M - AM Crossfit PM Swim
Tu - AM Cals PM Track Workout
W - AM Crossfit PM Swim
Th - AM ruck PM Cals
F - AM Crossfit PM Swim
Sa - AM Chipper PM Long Run

Intensity Builds M-> W and F-Sa Thursday is a working rest day and Sunday is completely which I mean there is no formal training. Go ride bikes, backpack and generally use your fitness to enjoy you life you are back at it in only one day.

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