Sunday, September 13, 2009

9/13 - Rest and Relax

So I thought that I might start to flesh out the idea behind project Mastodon. While this post is not meant to serve as a complete manifesto I wanted to get some salient points out in text. I think it is then best to start to describe what Project Mastodon is not.

Project Mastodon:
1) Is not a bunch of self congratulating fitness snobs indoctrinated so deeply in mysticism that they disrespect any definition of fitness but their own. Addendum: Project Mastodon may be this for the purposes of poking fun of other such organizations, clubs or cycling teams.

2) Is not meant to be taken too seriously at any point of time.Addendum: We take our working out quite seriously when we are doing the thing that we are doing. We make every effort to adhere to a reasonable and well planned training schema, but will not feel butthurt when life or out body gets in the way of what we had planned for the day.

3) There are no fitness celebrities in Project Mastodon. Respect is expected and given between athletes of every ability. You know what you know and perform how you perform. No excuses made or accepted.

Glad those are out of the way. Now we can get down to the business of defining what we actually are.

1) Project Mastodon is directly the product of too much free time, heavy metal and love of the active way of life.

2) Project Mastodon is hopefully a way to inject camaraderie, drive and focus into whatever you are training for.

3) Project Mastodon is a evolving system of personal anecdotes and hard science put together in as factual and interesting enough manner to help you attain your fitness goals.

4) Project Mastodon is most of all doing the thing that needs done. I know this definition is not precise and I hate dealing with with inexactness but it is necessary in this instance. There is not one single definition of fitness that once attained you may be considered fit. No weights, reps, or times that once completed will signal the ultimate culmination of everything fitness related. Project Mastodon aims to bring new training strategies and philosophies to bear and help you do what you need to or love to do even better.

TLDR; Project Mastodon is a open minded and mostly scientific approach to training designed to help you do what you love to do better. But mostly it is about Heavy Metal.

I would love to develop a set of Rules A La Fight Club that encapsulate these ideas and others we deem pertinent. For now I am going to let this peculate for a bit.

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