Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9/29 - Meat and Potatoes

Focus: Base Building and endurance

Intensity: Moderate

Goals: We are working out way up to running 5 days a week. Doing this is going to help us build consistency as well as reinforce good neuro muscular recruitment for running. This week we are moving to 4 days a week over the usual three. Therefore we are going to back down the intensity a little bit. I want you to start thinking about the race you are going to do either Saturday or Sunday and begin to get an idea of what you are capable of running. Once we have the hard and fast numbers we will set a goal that is reasonable for us to achieve 12 weeks from now. Personally I project about a 22 minute 5 k this weekend. Not terribly fast, but a good jumping off place to reach my goal of 18:30 in three weeks. I Have set up this aggressive goal for myself because I know that despite the running I have been doing I am in a deconditioned state. If you have been running consistently you may wish to choose a more moderate, yet still challenging goal.

AM- Cals
Same ole same ole.

7 rounds
20 pushups
30 situps
10 pullups
5 ring dips/ 10 normal dips

5 rounds Skill
20 1 pood (35lbs) kettle bell swings

We are scaling back a little bit to help you recover this week because we are going to push the running a bit more. The additional training day might throw a monkey wrench into things if you are not careful, so decreasing overall volume is a good thing.

PM - Run

5 miles - "Steady State"

4x100m strides Starts off at low intensity accelerating to 80% max effort by 3/4 way and slowing back down


This website is going to become our best friend for the next 12 weeks. In addition to the calculator McMilllan Running has a wealth of information on what training to run is all about.

Tonight we are going to be doing a "Steady State" run. If I plug in a finish time of 21:15 in the calculator above that translates to a 7:46-8:00 pace run. This is not too fast, but the focus here is not on fast, it is on setting yourself up to adapt to that additional day. We will throw something new in for next week, but will not resume speed training on Tuesday night until the week afterward.


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