Monday, September 28, 2009

9/28 - Three bars of Death

Focus: Base Building Enduance

Intensity: Moderate

Goals: Today is a reload day. After our day off yesterday we need to pick things back up but not at super high intenisty. We want to think of the goal of the day to work on skills or lifts in which we are not super proficient. We do not however want to break ourselves.

Rant: There is more running in the pipeline for the next 12 weeks. Get used to it. Find a 5k this weekend. Enter it, pay the money, and get ready to put down a baseline.

AM- Crossfit

10 minutes of jump rope starting with single jumps, moving to alternating leg and finally ending with consecutive double under efforts

Strength: 7-7-7-7-7 Front Squats. Focusing on correct form over weight moved.

MetCON: AMRAP in 20 minutes


5 Thruster
7 Hang Power Clean
10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

A good place to scale this is at weight moved. I wasn't tooking to blow out my arms early in the day so I dropped the weight to 65lbs. This means that I could move the weight for more rounds without tiring and overall generate more watts that moving a weight that is less comfortable for me to move. This really focuses on the Met Con Portion of this workouts. Again the idea here is moderation, put the bar down, take your time, regrip and go. This workout is supposed to kill your forearms, but I find my shoulder go long before my grip does.

PM - Swim

After three bars of death swimming is going to be a little hard so tonights workout is more kicking than anything else

Mini Beast

200 Kick with fins
100 Pull

Main Set:
5x100F + 10 pushups
5x100k + 20 Flutter Kicks

5 x 50 Under overs (25 Underwater/25Freestyle)
5 x 50 Over Unders (25 Free/ 25 Underwater)

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