Friday, September 11, 2009

The Acrtic

AM - The Arctic

Goals: Work Capacity. That means this is a chipper style workout that throws a lot of dynamic movement at you. That said it is a light chipper and thing will get harder from here.

Warm up:

4 Rounds
Barbell Complex at 55# (That's right, stay light)

HUG - Hip Mobility Drill


(1) 6 Rounds
8x Back Squat @ 115#
50x Step ups, unloaded, to 20" box
30 Seconds rest

(2) 6 Rounds
8x Power Clean @ 115#
Run 400m
30 seconds rest

(3) 3 Rounds
5x Sitting Russian Twist @ 35#
10x GHD Situp
30/5/30 (30 second side bridge, 5 Plank push ups, 30 second side bridge other side)

PM - Long Run.

Goals: Shake the crap out of your legs and put in some decent base miles.
Distance: 8 miles
Intensity: able to hold conversation through entire run or 137bpm

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