Monday, December 7, 2009

The Experiment

I got fed up with my workouts, like everyone else on the planet that suscribes to be more fit. Sooner or later, we all hit that wall and can't figure out how to push through. This is so discouraging to some individuals, that they call it quits (see 3 weeks after New Year's). Some continue with their workouts and hate every minute of it. I spent most of the day researching proven techniques and programs. I then implemented a a cohesive fitness package that is tailored to me; to my goals, to my weaknesses, and most importantly something a little more measurable for my obcessive tendencies. Is it entirely original? No not at all, but its the best progrmming package for intermediate to advance athletes in my opinion. It focuses on performance in multple modalities and utlizes a strength bias.

Basic Schedule:
Mon - Crossfit and Metcon
Tues - MEBB Total Body
Wed - Crossfit and Metcon
Thur - MEBB Lower Body and Metcon
Fri - Crossfit and Metcon
Sat - MEBB Upper Body and Gymnastic Technique
Sun - Full Rest Day

MEBB (Max Effort Black Box) - Developed by Michael Rutherford is a programmed strength bias for Crossfitter (and beyond) that utilization of periodization for three seperate lift regions: Total Body, Upper Body and Lower Body. Using 3 week cycles and phaso-creatine energy system. A better explanation is here and a link to Rutherford's actual MEBB articles can be found at Catalyst Athletics

MetCon - Are primarily coming from Crossfit Endurance which is the school of though in which intensity and intercal cycles are preached. I also plan to train in extended cardiovascular endurance training which will be recored on this blog.

Current Statistics:
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 194 lbs
Body Fat Percentage: 8.94 (Bod Pod tested)
Total Body: Power Clean - 245 lbs
Upper Body: Weighted Pull Ups - 300 lbs (me plus weight)
Lower Body: Back Squat - 325 lbs

Tomorrow starts the experiments, lets see what happens

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