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So this is the long and short of it. There are no shortcuts to fitness. Fitness is gained day in and day out from hard work and sucking it up. If someone promises you better health with less work they are most likely trying to part you from you money.
I propose this. 16 weeks of honest hard work and you will be amazed with the amount of progress you can make. This programming is aimed at people who know what they are doing and can take a lot of punishment in and out of the gym. You need to be able to sleep as close to or more than 8 hours a night and know how to eat enough.
The effectiveness of so many weight training regiments is blunted by the inability to eat enough food. If you are looking to show some abs or think that an appropriate shirt size for a man to wear is Medium, this is not the program for you. If you want to be strong and able to do more things than have been beyond you reach this is the program for you.
Training will be 7 days a week with some days devoted to active rest rather than bludgeoning your brain out. Most of these days will be double days. You will learn to deal with the suck or be crushed by it. There is periodization to our programming, there is also linear strength progression. If you must absolutely take a day off then do, but try to avoid that if at all possible.
A 2 week indoc period started below should give you a sense if you are up to the full training regiment.

Yes you get to play. Contrary to popular belief training is not an end in and of itself. Well it is if you are a professional athlete. Not one of you reading this blog are professional athletes. You are Johnny Average or above average and you like the act of training. You like how it makes you feel, you like how it makes you look, but most of all you like the way it strips away the bullshit and lets you focus your mind. So yes pick a sport I don’t care what it is except that it is somewhat difficult and that you genuinely enjoy playing it. I like Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. It is hard work, but fun an interesting enough to help motivate me to train on days that I don’t really want to.
If you are stumped some good examples of manly sports are listed below
• Rugby
• Water Polo
• Soccer
• Martial Arts (something with grappling if you can manage it)
• Football

You should be lifting loads that are comfortable for you. It is more important to get used to moving these weights than it is to try to smash previous personal bests. Try and RPE of about 7-8 with each lift
{time period} denotes a pause at that particular phase of the movement

Workout 1: Cardio
Run: 25 minute jogging pace- goal here is to start to develop some mitochondrial density in our muscles and a cardiovascular system that can effectively deliver blood and nutrients to our muscles
Stretching: 15 minutes – a more complete run down of this will be provided later but for now we just want to work on flexibility. Flexibility ensure joint health and resistance to injury
Workout 2: Weights
Warmup: (2 snatch long pull + 2 snatch push press + 2 overhead squats ) x 4 sets
Snatch Series: (Power snatch + OHS {5 sec} + snatch {5 sec} ) x 5 sets
Overhead Series : (Push press + jerk behind neck + jerk {5 sec in split} )x 5 sets
Leg Series: (Jerk Dip Squat x 3) x 5 sets
Conditioning: (Hanging Leg raise x 10) x 4 sets
Stretching: Stretch again focusing on rolling out or using an Indian rubber ball

Workout : Play
Choose your Activity: 90 minutes
Stretching : 15 minutes
Workout 1: Cardio
Run: 25 minutes - at a steady state between 9 and 10 minute miles. You are allowed to spend the last 3 minutes picking up the pace and the last of those minutes in an all out sprint provided that you walk for 5 minutes afterwards

Workout 2: Weights
Warmup: (2 push press + 2 jerk behind neck + 2 press behind neck in split) x 4 sets
Clean Series: (Power clean + front squat {5 sec} + clean + jerk {5 sec in split}) x 5 set
Pull Series: (Hang snatch high pull, flat footed x4)x4 sets
Leg Series: (Front Squat x 3) x 5
Conditioning: (Hanging Leg raise x 10) x 4 sets
Stretching: Stretch again focusing on rolling out or using an Indian rubber ball

Workout: Play
Choose your Activity: 90 minutes
Stretching : 15 minutes


Workout: Weights
To be Announced

Workout : Stretching

Take a yoga class, watch a stretching video but try to do it for at least an hour. Again try to have fun Dumbdumb. Things only get harder.

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