Friday, October 9, 2009

10/12 - Death by Inches

I know it is a little ahead of time and maybe poor form for me posting early but I wanted to get a sample training session banged out for my first mock class on Tuesday.

Focus: Indoc


Goals: Teach new movements to those individuals that will be intergral to HIT success at Uiowa fieldhouse. Dose of intensity, minor gut check as to what is involved with this program.

Movement Prep:

Crossfit Style warmup
10 each
Shoulder rolls
arms crossed
arms up
kneck stretch
hip circles
knee circles

3 rounds
15 Air Squats
10 dips
10 pullups
10 pushups
:20 sampson stretch
10 scorpians

Warmup continued on track: 6 laps of the track at conversational pace

Strength: Death by 10m

(1 sprint in the first minute, 2 in the second, three in the third....)
(1 foot must be over the line and a hand reach down to touch it before starting back the other way. running through is permissible on the last sprint of the round)

This is going to blow out the legs and may make working at weight difficult. Allow athletes to trade down in weight. Focus for the first class of the week is metCON over strength make sure that they realize this.

METcon: "three bars of death"


AMRAP in 20 minutes

95/65/45/35 #

Thruster, 5 reps
Hang Powercleans, 7 reps
Sumo Deadlift High-pull, 10 reps


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